Session du 4 juin

Slass, Z’ves, invité : BroodsIMG_6439


Liste de lecture

 Live de Broods
Sélection de Z’ves 
Von Zeitz – Zvenitown
Fm3 – Time Passes On
Thanos Chrysakis – Crossing Flying
Jar Moff – Tziaitzomanasou
Animaux Sauvages – Cris Et Ambiances
Richard Skelton – Of The Last Generation
The Love Songs – Liberte Danse
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words – Masks, Walls And Other Ways To Keeps Things In, To Keep Things Out
Larkian – Droxma 1
Zbigniew Karkowski – Alien Nation (Uncensored)
Helm – Silencer
Idle Sunder – Paradigm Shift
Oplen – Biltema
Herpes Ö Deluxe – Nichtsdestotrolz

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